Why “Captain America: Civil War” doesn’t need a villain

Cap and Tony

Warning: Spoilers ahead

So, first thing’s first, I didn’t read the comics for either Iron man or Captain America. I was impressed enough by the previous movies, especially Avengers and Captain America: The winter soldier, that I went into the movie with high expectations. Even higher after the Spider Man reveal trailer.

A critique that’s floating around a lot after the movie came out was that the villain in the move was, well, less than impressive. This has been a problem plaguing Marvel until Thor and The Avengers. I doubt anyone will ever live up to Tom Hiddleston’s Loki.


It was a lot more realistic that the Avengers were being held accountable for their actions. This was new, and something that hasn’t happened in the previous movies. Add to that, Tony Stark’s guilt over the Sokovia incident, and Steve’s old flame passing away, tensions were already pretty high, even for them.

I feel that this movie didn’t need the textbook supervillain, building some kind of doomsday device to change the world as we know it. All it needed was an individual with the right motivation to push the right buttons to send everything into a downward spiral.


Enter, Nemo. I’ve become a fan of Daniel Bruhl. I have been, from the seemingly charming Nazi who wouldn’t take no for an answer in Inglorious Basterds, to the portrayal of the catankerous, slightly arrogant Nikki Laude in Rush.

Nemo’s character resonated with me because he’s a normal human being and he knows it. He knows he can’t goe toe to toe with Iron Man or Captain America, even with his military training. So he bides his time, and pushes exactly the right buttons to pit the two against each other. My favourite scene in the movie was when Nemo showed Cap and Tony exactly what was on the mission report from 16th December, and his plan came to fruition.

Even though his plan failed in that Tony and Cap didn’t end up killing each other like he’d hoped, arguably he managed to create a rift that would divide the Avengers forever, or until the next bad guy ready to destroy the planet.

My favourite part of this film was the fact that even as someone who didn’t read the comics, I could see whose side everyone was on, and each character’s motivation. This made the characters a lot more relatable and the move more enjoyable.

I think that this was one of Marvel’s best if not the best cinematic work, and I look forward to see how they’ll top this one.

Cap Finish


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